Dining Options

Every meeting has different dining priorities depending on the meal in question and the type of service required.

Our options are:

Cucinos Italian Restaurant
Cucinos Italian Restaurant is an Italian restaurant serving fresh Pizzas, Pasta and flame grilled Irish steaks. Open for dinner from 5pm Wednesday to Saturday, from 1pm on Sundays. Check out the Cucinos Italian Restaurant website for all the latest news.

We can have the Lobby area reserved to provide you with light refreshments before, during and after a meeting.

Galley Carvery
For a great selection of food coupled with quick service, the Galley Carvery is a suitable choice at lunchtime.

Schooner Bar Menu
Overlooking the lawn and Dublin Bay, the Schooner Bar is a relaxed space in which to enjoy a light meal or snack. Our Schooner Bar Menu varies throughout the day, offering a full range of tasty food options.

When you choose any of these options we can discuss with you your exact requirements and tailor our service to suit you.